Green Tea with a few fresh mint leaves.

Ten minute tea with Afternoon Tea. Spend ten minutes with Afternoon Tea. In the time it takes to boil one kettle, and let one cup of tea steep, we will have your daily art + music fix covered. Take your afternoon tea break with our Afternoon Tea curators. 

Today’s tea + soundtrack + visuals curated by Ben Sefton. Ben Sefton’s budding love of songwriting began as a teen and quickly developed into an obsession, fueling the creation of hundreds of unreleased songs. Driven by his deep love of earworm pop melodies and candid lyrical word play, Sefton has effectively created a style all of his own. Sefton unleashes a wild and lush single that advises choosing the high road rather than giving into self-destructive temptations brought on by poor self-esteem. “D.W.T.D.” (Dancing With The Devil) is about the painful recounting of a love triangle and the ensuing loss of a treasured friendship.

Ben Sefton – “D.W.T.D.”

Tea: Green Tea with a few fresh mint leaves. Green tea is said to enhance focus, and I love the idea of having more focus to practice the things I love: guitar and drawing!


About: I found this song through related links on YouTube. It’s this rare gem that’s one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard and yet I can’t find it on iTunes or anywhere else other than these YouTube videos. I love the English bits that I can sing along to that sound dreamy and nostalgic somehow: “from the East, to the West.” Good stuff.

Visual: “The Graduate” by Golden Age Illustrator J.C. Leyendecker! I love his art. The artist J.C. Leyendecker is a major artist from the Golden Age of Illustration, and since I love drawing as well, I can’t help but choose him as one of my art heroes for his exquisite line work! Every line is so pretty!

“The Graduate” by J.C. Leyendecker!
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