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The Quintessence Coalition

ꕥ รเɠɦƭร รσµɳ∂ร รρเɾเƭร ꕥ

Immersive Experiences & Conscious Collaborations

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The Quintessence Coalition: Season 2

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The Quintessence Coalition on Rogers TV: Season 2 Premiere

sights sounds spirits Immersive Experiences & Conscious Collaborations The Quintessence Coalition brings enthusiasm for crafting dynamic, visually striking and stimulating atmospheres, events, and experiences that encourages participation, nourishes culture, and cultivates good vibrations and wellbeing. Supporting Canadian virtuosities and performances through a multiplicity of creative and concerted endeavors. This season includes performances from Allison CroweContinue reading “The Quintessence Coalition on Rogers TV: Season 2 Premiere”

Happy NYE!

Here’s to a Safe and Healthy New Year.

Happy Holiday’s

✨#HappyHolidays✨ ⠀🍾Wishing you all a safe and healthy Holiday Season! 🎉

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