Mango Ginger

Ten minute tea with Afternoon Tea. Spend ten minutes with Afternoon Tea. In the time it takes to boil one kettle, and let one cup of tea steep, we will have your daily art + music fix covered. Take your afternoon tea break with our Afternoon Tea curators. 

Today’s tea + soundtrack + visuals is curated by Crowes Pasture. Folk duo, Crowes Pasture, have penned a new song which addresses finding commonalities within American society. The Bostonians’ touring has led them to tour up and down the East Coast, granting them insights into the political perspectives of a wide array of individuals.The plaintive and acoustic “Agree On” is what the duo considers to be a “prayer that we will be able to find common ground in a deeply divided democracy.” “We are struck by how much people actually have in common as parents, children, workers, Americans, brothers and sisters. For this country to move forward in a positive way, we need to acknowledge and respect differences, but we also need to appreciate the humanity that exists in everyone.”


The song we chose is “Who I Am” by Normal Heights, the folk project of Australian indie artist, Broni Lisle. We met Broni at a “Sad Songs” songwriting retreat put on by our mutual heroes, The Milk Carton Kids. Getting to know Broni as a person, we appreciated his gentle manner, his humor and his musical talent. It was not surprising, therefore, when we fell in love with his new single – it’s sweet, melancholic, witty, and painfully honest and vulnerable. Broni does a beautiful job of expressing that crippling insecurity that many of us feel more often than we might like to admit. Oh, and his vocals remind us of John Lennon – a true bonus!  


Our good friend and fellow “sad songs” songwriter, Deb Todd Wheeler, is continually creating art, objects, events, and music that demand and captivate our attention. Having suffered unimaginable losses, Deb has this unique ability to take strength from sorrow and create something wonderful that brings people together. Over the pandemic, Deb started drawing these adorable little imps and posting them on her Instagram page on Fridays. These are just three of the nearly 100 imps that have been released to the world over the past few years.  We adore them, not only for their ability to express our vulnerability as humans, but also for their impish good looks.  


With a sad song, and sad (but cute) little imps, you really need a tea that is comforting and a little sweet. That’s when Yogi’s Mango Ginger comes in. Normally we’re a green tea/coffee-type couple, but sometimes you need to take care of yourself with a little bit of sweetness and gentleness in your day. 

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