Lion’s Mane Chai Tea

Ten minute tea with Afternoon Tea. Spend ten minutes with Afternoon Tea. In the time it takes to boil one kettle, and let one cup of tea steep, we will have your daily art + music fix covered. Take your afternoon tea break with our Afternoon Tea curators. 

Today’s tea + soundtrack + visuals curated by Lucy Morgan.

Singer/songwriter Lucy Morgan found songwriting to be the greatest form of therapy after her sister had passed away. She turned her deepest emotions into lyrics and a melody became a beautiful metamorphosis. Letting the world hear her songs feels like closing the chapter that inspired them. 

As Lucy readies her Firelight EP for release on August 26th, she shares “Where It All Began” about losing herself in a romantic relationship. This new single affirms that no one should ever make you feel like you can’t be yourself or that you’re not allowed to do something.

Where It All Began” demonstrates how light you feel when you leave someone that isn’t worthy of your energy.

Lucy Morgan

The song I picked is “Hot Dog Stand” by Begonia. I saw her live earlier this summer only
knowing one of her songs. When she sang this song, stripped down just her and a
piano, I was brought to tears! She told the story of how dark of a place she was in when
she wrote it and the lyrics resonated with me so deeply. The feeling of needing
someone just for the night, just for a chat, just for a moment in order for the emotions
you have or the thought of someone else to disappear for that short time. This video of
her singing it live with her guitar much earlier on in her career has such a special energy
to it. When I saw her in concert, she was all glitz and glamour, looking incredibly
fabulous and had “star” written all over her. In this performance I’m sharing, she is
younger and has an innocence about her. Her style is simple and she is so raw. I love
footage of artists before their success took off because it always feels so real. Even the
look she gives the first time she says “I only need a man” at 1:35 is so subtle but gives
the listener so much insight into how she’s feeling. A great performance to sip a warm
cup of tea to and reflect!


This piece of art is called “I Can Breathe Again” by Celia Lees. Celia is actually from my
hometown and we went to high school together! I love her work, she has such a
beautiful eye for colour. The bright red and dark blue in this piece are so striking against
the softer sunset hues behind them. It truly does look the way you feel when a stress or
heaviness has been lifted and you’re able to finally breathe again. The splatter feels like
a firework of emotion, as if through the lightness there is still dark but they come
together to create something breathtaking. I think this piece is pure magic!

“I Can Breathe Again” by Celia Lees.

The tea I chose to share today is a Lion’s Mane Chai Tea. I love chai and find it so
comforting. I’m also big into holistic health and natural healing and mushrooms are a big
part of that! So, to put them together is like heaven to me! Some may hear mushroom in
your tea and think it’s not the vibe, but you can’t even taste it. So, you’re getting all the
health benefits (to which there are many) while sipping on a cup of deliciousness! The
chai has a slight spice to it which I like to balance out with a little bit of honey. I like to
drink this tea in the early evening when there is a slight breeze, perhaps in your
comfies, while the sun is setting and the sound of Begonia’s raspy tone serenades you.

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