Enjoy High Tea with our Afternoon Tea Artists. This is our chance to introduce our artists, and their work, all while drinking your cup of Darjeeling. It will include artist profiles, and song portraits. We can’t think of a nicer way to enjoy High Tea, then enjoying, and experiencing new art. High art with High Tea.

Today’s High Tea is curated by the AT crew. Absentia: “An entire world connected by solitude.” By Breno Barros and Leticia Santos.

“The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected people’s pace of life, as well as how they see the world and deal with it. The social distancing, necessary to overcome this problem, has changed the way we envision the world by either making it smaller or bigger.

​Life had to reinvent itself. And art imitates life.

​Portrait photographers and models, have all had to reinvent themselves.

This project speaks a bit of how the photographers Breno Barros and Letícia Santos work their visions of the world, and therefore, the way of feeling and seeing others. 

This work aims to present how people from all of the world, deal with isolation.

This is a project about loneliness and absence.”

Projeto a b s e n t i a

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