Sound Art

Enjoy High Tea with our Afternoon Tea Artists. This is our chance to introduce our artists, and their work, all while drinking your cup of Darjeeling. It will include artist profiles, and song portraits. We can’t think of a nicer way to enjoy High Tea, then enjoying, and experiencing new art. High art with High Tea.

Today’s High Tea profile comes to us from our Intern Eamon; Sound Engineering, Sound Art, Musician. “From Pitchfork: ‘Eno’s ambient ideal was formed in 1975 during months of lying in a hospital bed recovering from a car accident, forced to listen to too-quiet 18th century harp music that his body cast prevented him from turning up. This alerted him to the way that recorded sound can effectively merge with the environment in which it’s played, appealing to ‘many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular.’ He aimed to create a cocoon for thought and reflection through a music that could be used with utilitarian purpose. He has described the process as a painter taking the human figure out of a landscape. In music, this figure took the form of his own voice, a cohesive melody, and other evidence of human intervention– by eliminating these, he created a sense of space where there was once an object…”

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