Sponsors + Partners: Home Love Hamilton ❤️

This video is brought to you by our Proud Partners and Sponsors Home Love Hamilton on behalf of Afternoon Tea and Ophelia Syndrome. We acknowledge the long line of patronage within the arts, and we thank any person, business, or organization who is working to help keep the arts alive and well. Please visit: HomeContinue reading “Sponsors + Partners: Home Love Hamilton ❤️”

Orange Pekoe + 2 brown sugar lumps + Soy Cream

Enjoy High Tea with our Afternoon Tea Artists. This is our chance to introduce our artists, and their work, all while drinking your cup of Darjeeling. It will include artist profiles, and song portraits. We can’t think of a nicer way to enjoy High Tea, then enjoying, and experiencing new art. High art with HighContinue reading “Orange Pekoe + 2 brown sugar lumps + Soy Cream”